Medicare supplement plan: things to know when shopping for Medigap plan

Shopping for Medicare supplement plans 2018? Those who are eligible for Medicare may want to consider a Medigap plan due to their own reason. At the end of 2015, almost 20 million Americans had a Medigap plan. If you are not sure about having this Medicare plan, then you can continue to read the article of mine. When is the right time to buy Medigap plan? The simple answer is whenever you are first eligible. Individuals can’t get Medicare supplement until they have Part A and B.

Since you and your spouse have the different medical needs, you and he will need separate Medicare supplement policies. Keep in mind that Medigap plan only covers one person, so when your spouse wants to have the plan, encourage him to get their own policy. Just because you have Medigap plan, it doesn’t mean you can cover all costs of your health cares. As mentioned, dental or vision are what your plan will not cover.