The recommended Dog Bark Collar in 2017

It’s true that having a dog which always barking during the night is annoying. You can never get a peaceful sleep during the night if your dog is going to stop anytime soon. If you’ve failed so many times and you still love your dog, buying a dog bark collar for it is a good idea. There are several good products out there, but the good one which has the affordable price is the YS-600 Dogtra. It has so many advantages compared to the other dog bark collars. Here are the advantages of Dogtra that you need to know before you buy it:

1. It has the 10 levels of adjustable stimulation. Each level is extremely precise, so you can adjust it with the intensity of your dog’s bark. The louder and the more often it barks, the higher the level that you can set.

2. Its battery is rechargeable and replaceable. You only need to charge it for two hours in order to get the full battery life. It will put itself into the sleep mode automatically after 30 seconds of no barking, in order to save more battery life. When the time comes, the owner can replace the battery as well. It’s has the high level of battery efficiency.

3. It’s fully waterproof. Remember that some Dogs are love to swim. So your dog can swim even though the collar is still being attached on its neck. The sprinkler, pool, and the rain water will not affect this device in any way.

4. A whole year warranty will be provided for each customers. All accessories, labor, and parts will be provided by the Dogtra manufacturer company, in order to reach to maximum satisfaction of the customers.

5. Each order will get the FREE clippers. It’s necessary in order to keep your dog’s hair trimmed. This way, your dog will get the excellent contact with the collar.