How to Remove Wiper Scratches on Car Glass

Windscreen wipers or windshield wiper is a tool to clean the windshield, we most often see them in the car. The wiper is used when it is raining and can help wiping the water flowing in the glass. Sometimes if there is dust stuck to the glass surface it would appear scratched scratches due to rubbing against the wiper windshield. In addition to damage, the appearance of the windshield wiper beret former also affects the performance of the glass. By afternoon the driver’s view appears blurred, while at night the lights of other vehicles visible glow. Yes indeed scratches wiper must be cleaned, read the full info here to know how to overcome scratched windshield wipers.

– The first step is to wash your windshield clean.
Rub harder in parts of the former wipers that stubborn dirt can be removed easily.

– Normally only scratches wiper thin scratches but sometimes there is also deep enough. How to find the scratch is by feeling the surface of the windshield of the car, if there is a prominent part and rub with your hands then that is where there are deep scratches. Take the sandpaper and rub it into the part, do this process until the glass surface is flat. (Rub in wet conditions to reduce the heat generated due to friction).

Put old newspapers or other paper on the outskirts of the glass, this is done so that later no glass polishing powder on parts other than the car windshield. Use masking tape so that the paper does not fly migrate.

– Mix the powder polish the glass with a little water, to produce a dough with medium consistency, not too runny but not too thick (which was mediocre)

– Take drill polishing pad and polish the surface wet with the solution above. Turn on the arms and then applied to the existing sections scratches before, wet the surface of the windshield to be processed.

– Remove all the old newspapers and masking tape that you’d wear. Once the process is complete, wipe the dirt that occurs during the process with a clean cloth. The result would have been more visible where the windshield is clean and sleek.